“Folks asked me to express more publicly my thoughts re DAGKNIGHT funding pool being filled. My immediate thought was communicated in private to Michael – “oh my, now we need to actually implement this”… Additionally, I was surprised that the proposal was accepted this soon. It required many dolphins and a few whales transcending tragedy-of-the-commons and funding this Kaspa public-good.

This is far from trivial, and, naturally enough, I immediately felt indebted to each and every contributor—although the funds will be granted to us only at the end of the process, they are already out of the hands of the contributors, which expect something significant in return.


The commitment is high on our end too, and we are making now the necessary arrangements to meet the requirements and focus on DK full force. With all these feelings, I’m confident that we will succeed in adapting and implementing DK on Kaspa, and in its value to its ambitious aspiration.

May the DK rise.”


~ Yonatan