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By Yonatan Sompolinsky

There’s a series of Medium posts by Yonatan Sompolinsky (@hashdag), one of Kaspa theoreticians, explaining his views and decisions about Kaspa. It’s very useful if you want to get the overall impression of what are Kaspa philosophy, history, basics and tradeoffs:



There is even more to read there, but part of that info could have become outdated. https://hashdag.medium.com

By Shai Wyborski

Shai (@deshe–discord) is another Kaspa theoretician, here’s his review of what’s and why’s (mainly about the PHANTOM and GHOSTDAG):



By Ori Newman

Ori (@someone235–discord) is one of the Kaspa core devs, and here are a couple of his posts about threats to Bitcoin that Kaspa addresses:



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