The Kaspa Mobile Wallet


In crypto and likewise with Kaspa, there’s always some new innovation on the horizon. Riding this wave of continuous evolution and aiming to specifically accommodate the needs of the KAS community is Kaspium. Kaspium isn’t just any mobile wallet; it’s a sleek, modern, and intuitive wallet solution designed from the ground up to flawlessly integrate with the Kaspa network.

Kaspium has a new range of features designed to make managing your digital assets as easy as checking your email. Plus, with a name like “Kaspium v1.0.1,” you can be assured that it’s the latest and possibly the best version out there, having gone through refinements and improvements from earlier iterations. Whether you’re a novice or a crypto veteran, Kaspium promises a seamless experience, ensuring that managing your Kaspa assets is as straightforward and secure as possible. Welcome to the next chapter of Kaspa native wallets with Kaspium, now fully released and available on both iOS and Android app stores. Here’s a deep dive into its extensive feature set:

Wallet Creation and Import Options

  • New Wallet Creation: Users can set up a new wallet using a 24-word secret phrase.
  • Wallet Import: For those who already have a wallet, Kaspium provides multiple import options: 24-word and 12-word (Web Wallet/KDX)secret phrase wallets.
  • Watch-only wallets: For use with an extended public key tied to a 24-word compatible wallet.
  • Multiple Wallets: Users aren’t restricted to a single wallet. The platform supports the creation and import of multiple wallets.

Comprehensive Wallet Functionalities

  • Transactions and Details: Send and receive KAS natively on the Kaspa network. Stay informed with a detailed transaction history, UTXO views, and a list of all wallet addresses.
  • Address Utility: Users can filter to view only addresses with funds for added convenience.
  • Send and Receive: Integrated with the ‘@Contacts’ feature, users can swiftly send funds, opt for the maximum send amount, and even add local notes for reference. Quickly generate a QR code for receiving funds. This feature also supports specifying an optional amount.
  • QR Scan: For instantaneous payments, scan a Kaspa address or a Kaspa URI QR code.
  • Fiat Conversion: See your balance in any of 38 available fiat currencies.
  • Multilingual Support: Inclusive for a global audience, the wallet offers support in multiple languages.
  • Themes: Customize your visual experience with light or dark themes.
  • Security: Fortify your wallet using various measures such as PIN, biometrics, and a dedicated wallet password.
  • Auto-lock: For added security, the wallet automatically locks itself.
  • Custom Nodes: Connect to custom Kaspa nodes as per your preference.
  • Explorer Access: View address and transaction details on Kaspa Explorer,, or Katnip.
  • Contact Management: Add, import, or export Kaspa addresses with the Contacts feature.
  • Compound UTXOs: Efficiently combine multiple UTXOs using this feature.
  • Address Discovery: Scan for possible undetected used addresses using the Address Discovery feature
  • Secret Phrase View: Access the 24-word secret phrase associated with your wallet anytime.
  • Kaspa URIs: For rapid transactions, utilize Kaspa URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier).

The Release

With the release of Kaspium v1.0.1, it is clear that the Kaspa network intends to offer a top-tier user experience, combining both functionality and security. Whether you’re new to the Kaspa network or a seasoned user, Kaspium ensures that managing your KAS is intuitive and secure.

The full release of Kaspium v1.0.1 is not just a tool; it’s a commitment from the community and contributors of the Kaspa network to provide you with a platform that makes managing your digital assets a breeze while ensuring they remain under lock and key. Now, you can carry your Kaspa in a dedicated mobile wallet!

Tip: Azbuky is a dedicated developer within the Kaspa community and the visionary mind behind the creation of the Kaspium mobile wallet.


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