Shai (Deshe) Wyborski provided an in-depth look into Kaspa’s consensus layer, GHOSTDAG.


In an in-depth workshop hosted on the Kaspa Discord, Shai (Deshe) Wyborski explored the inner workings of GHOSTDAG, the consensus layer driving Kaspa. The session aimed to educate community members on this vital aspect of the Kaspa ecosystem, covering topics such as the blockchain trilemma, the BlockDAG paradigm, GHOSTDAG’s security, speed, rationality, and data pruning techniques.

Wyborski began by introducing the blockchain trilemma, emphasizing the challenge of achieving decentralization, security, and scalability in a blockchain without making sacrifices. Next, he discussed previous attempts to address the trilemma and their shortcomings before presenting the BlockDAG paradigm as a solution.

During the workshop, Wyborski delved into the PHANTOM and GHOSTDAG protocols, focusing on their logic and security features. He discussed GHOSTDAG’s double-spend protection and defense against liveness attacks. Additionally, he explained GHOSTDAG’s rapid confirmation times, outlining the reasons for their superior speed and efficiency compared to traditional blockchain systems.

Wyborski also examined data pruning in blockchains, exploring splitting and climbing attacks on DAG pruning. Finally, he introduced secure DAG pruning methods using objective finality and discussed the security of prunable GHOSTDAG. Concluding the session, he provided a brief overview of DAGKnight, a protocol designed to enhance GHOSTDAG’s efficiency and performance. An innovation that positions Kaspa as the first parameterless cryptocurrency capable of self-adjusting based on the network’s health or latency.

The workshop offered an in-depth and enlightening exploration of GHOSTDAG’s crucial aspects and their importance in defining Kaspa. In addition, Shai Wyborski expertly showcased the revolutionary features that set Kaspa as the future of traditional and digital finance. To stay current and engaged with future events, workshops, and updates, community members are encouraged to join the Kaspa Discord and follow Kaspa on Twitter.



Tip: Shai Wyborski, a Quantum & Cryptography Researcher and Ph.D. candidate specializing in developing and implementing consensus protocols like GHOSTDAG, plays a pivotal role in shaping Kaspa’s innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem.











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