Hiveon Kaspa Pool
Hiveon is proud to announce the addition of a new mining pool designed explicitly for Kaspa (KAS) mining. This addition accommodates the needs of the Kaspa mining community, who are interested in exploring new mining opportunities. This Hiveon Kaspa Pool allows miners to leverage these characteristics and optimize their mining activities.

Pool Features
An affordable pool fee of only 1%
Pay Per Share Plus (PPS+) reward type
A manageable minimum payout threshold of just 50 KAS
Absence of transaction fees, covered entirely by Hiveon
Mining servers located across the globe
An automatic server selection that allows Hiveon to select the nearest server for your miners

If these compelling features have piqued your interest, you can initiate the process of setting up your Hiveon Kaspa Pool.

Hiveon OS
Create a Hiveon account here.

After establishing your account, or if you opt for anonymous usage, the next step is to create a Flight Sheet within your Hiveon OS account.

Applying this Flight Sheet to your worker(s) enables the start of mining.

Connecting to Kaspa Pool
You also have the option to connect directly to the Kaspa Pool using a server address. Enter the following addresses in your ASIC miner settings:
SSL port number: 20443

Becoming a part of the Hiveon Kaspa Pool guarantees stable daily rewards without hidden transaction fees or extra charges. In addition, you will join a community of supportive ‘Hivers.’ Experience the pinnacle of cryptocurrency mining with Hiveon!
You can contact their customer support team at for any questions or issues.

Tip: Hiveon OS is an operating system that helps to keep your crypto farms at their peak and monitor their info in one place.


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