Kaspa Node Monitor

Kaspa Node Monitor, created by imalfect, is a tool that lets you easily monitor your Kaspa Node. You can find the source code and setup on GitHub here: Kaspa Node Monitor

The Kaspa Node Monitor displays information such as:

  • Block count
  • Header count
  • Peers count
  • DAA Score
  • Blue score
  • Node version
  • Node sync status
  • Node network
  • Network difficulty
  • Hardware information (this can be disabled), such as:
  • Hostname
  • Location
  • CPU Model
  • CPU Thread Count
  • RAM (Free & Total)
  • System load

NOTE: Kaspa Node Monitor is still in beta and may contain bugs.

In case of any questions: Check out Kaspa discord or contact imalfect#7015 on discord.

Tip: Did you know Kaspa utilizes the optical-mining ready kHeavyHash algorithm for consensus and security of the network? This algorithm, combined with high-throughput DAG and no-wasted blocks, makes it less energy intensive than other PoW networks.








Feel free to comment and/or ask any questions.

You can also find me on the Kaspa discord — Bubblegum Lightning