Initiation of a Crowdfund to List KAS on a Tier-1 Exchange

Tier-1 Exchange

A new crowdfund has been initiated to secure a Tier-1 Exchange listing for Kaspa (KAS). The target of this campaign is to raise $30,000 USD in the form of KAS and USDT, which will be used to cover the listing fee. The window for this fundraising effort will remain open until Wednesday, August 2nd.

Allocation of Funds

The funds gathered through this campaign are intended to fulfill the listing fee terms set by the centralized exchange (CEX). The CEX will utilize these funds, at its discretion, to carry out a comprehensive marketing campaign. Upon listing Kaspa on the exchange, this marketing campaign will be pivotal as it aims to increase Kaspa’s visibility, draw in new users (benefiting both the CEX and Kaspa), boost trading volume, and improve liquidity. Collectively, these outcomes align with the overarching mission of Kaspa — promoting widespread adoption and fostering global inclusivity.

How to Contribute

Contributions to this initiative can be made by directly donating to the Kaspa donation wallet. Regardless of size, each contribution will help bring the community closer to this collective goal.

Kaspa Donation Wallet:


Kaspa block explorer:

Contributions can also be made in USDT on the BEP20, ERC20, and TRC20 networks to accommodate various asset preferences.

USDT BEP20 Donation Address:


USDT ERC20 Donation Address:


USDT trc20 Donation Address:


Discord Funding Pool Post:

The Mission and Use Case

This crowdfunding campaign represents a crucial step forward for Kaspa’s use case. This listing would further extend Kaspa’s reach into global markets, providing exposure to a wide range of investors, users, developers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This increased visibility could accelerate Kaspa’s adoption rate, placing it in a more advantageous position within the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets.

Securing a spot on an additional Tier-1 exchange could serve as a potent catalyst for Kaspa, spurring its growth and increasing its acceptance on a global scale. However, realizing this ambition relies heavily on the contributions from the Kaspa community. While financial contributions are vital, and each donation is instrumental in turning this goal into reality, the support for Kaspa is not solely limited to monetary means. Participation, spreading the word, and fostering a thriving community also significantly advance Kaspa’s mission and contribute to its success.

Tip: Participants are urged to verify the addresses before initiating any transactions, as blockchain transactions are irreversible. Additionally, it is recommended not to disclose private keys or sensitive information to anyone. Safety and vigilance should always be maintained.


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