Exploring the ChangeNOW and NOWPayments KAS Integration

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Bubblegum Lightning, from the Kaspa community, is set to host an engaging Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Kate, from ChangeNOW, on Thursday, July 27th, at 22:00 UTC (6:00 PM EST). The discussion will focus on the recent integration of Kaspa on the ChangeNOW and NOWPayments platforms and its potential implications for merchants, users, and the broader Kaspa ecosystem.


ChangeNOW is a non-custodial service that allows for simple and fast cryptocurrency exchanges while emphasizing safety, simplicity, and convenience. Notably, ChangeNOW does not store user funds or require account creation.

With nearly 700 coins available for exchange, ChangeNOW operates without any limits, allowing users to exchange as much as they want, free of account restrictions, in a seamless, worry-free process. Moreover, the service also offers a fiat option, enabling the purchase of cryptocurrency with Visa or MasterCard via a third-party partner.


Established in 2019 by the team behind ChangeNOW, NOWPayments is a premier service enabling everyone to accept crypto payments on their websites, online stores, and social media accounts. As a non-custodial service, it ensures it neither holds nor stores user funds in any way. NOWPayments supports over 50 cryptocurrencies and boasts low transaction fees.

NOWPayments aims to provide a crypto payment gateway that’s easy to use and embed into existing websites. It’s a simple, easy-to-integrate service, requiring only a snippet of HTML code to accept crypto payments. Transactions are linked to your NOWPayments account, and the API key is used for specific purposes. The platform offers flexible solutions, such as accepting payments in numerous coins or converting all received crypto assets into KAS! The automatic exchange is facilitated by ChangeNOW.

For various purposes, NOWPayments provides several widgets for transactions and donations. These include donation widgets and buttons, allowing users to accept cryptocurrency for donations and fundraisers.

Lastly, NOWPayments has developed plugins for crypto payments on numerous online e-commerce providers, such as Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, WHMCS, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Ecwid, and more. These plugins allow you to easily add a cryptocurrency payment option at your online store’s checkout!

ChangeNOW, NOWPayments, and Kaspa

Integrating Kaspa on ChangeNOW and NOWPayments promises to create a dynamic synergy. ChangeNOW brings its vast array of coins and seamless exchange process, thus enhancing liquidity and market exposure for Kaspa. Simultaneously, NOWPayments will facilitate merchants and individuals in accepting Kaspa as a form of payment, effectively promoting its adoption and utility.

Join Bubblegum Lightning and Kate, from ChangeNOW, for this insightful AMA session on July 27th. Here’s your chance to ask any questions and learn more about this significant development in the Kaspa ecosystem. See you there!

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