Funding closed with 283,935 KAS

Crowdfunding and enabling the Kaspa community translators with the CMF.

The Community Translators

Digital currencies, like Kaspa, are all about bringing people together, no matter where they are in the world. Borders, countries, and boundaries mean nothing to Kaspa. This makes it possible for anyone to trade and do business internationally. However, there’s one hitch in the scheme of global adoption. A significant portion of the conversations about Kaspa and its governance are still conducted in English, which is only the native language for about 6% of the world’s population. Even if we include those who speak English as a second language, the total only comes to around 19%.

A significant portion of people worldwide still remain excluded from crucial discussions and opportunities to adopt Kaspa. Even in the Kaspa community, where many different languages are spoken, English is usually the primary language for governance. That’s why there’s a real need to better understand and involve people from non-English speaking regions.

The Crowdfund

The Kaspa community has started a crowdfund for 1 million KAS and will continue collecting for 1 month or when donations discontinue. This fund will support the work accomplished in translating Kaspa’s content into different languages. These translators ensure that everyone, regardless of their language, can use and understand Kaspa.

The idea behind the proposal isn’t just about crowdfunding. It’s about encouraging more community members to get involved and help grow Kaspa. By establishing the translators under the Community Marketing Fund (CMF), future sustainability and work overlap with marketing will streamline and enable translations across the Kaspa sphere. The community believes everyone, including non-English speakers, has something unique to offer. Their insights and input are essential for Kaspa’s global adoption, outreach, development, and inclusion.


The Language Problem

While English is often the primary language used in the Kaspa community, the reality is that people from all over the world, who speak many different languages, use digital currencies. This is evidence of Kaspa’s global reach but also presents a problem. The main language used in the community doesn’t reflect the wide variety of languages spoken by its members.

For Kaspa to truly embrace everyone and extend its reach, which is vital for its widespread adoption, it’s essential to recognize the diverse languages spoken by its members. This understanding forms the core of this proposal, aimed at supporting the translators who are crucial to empowering non-English speakers.

Translators are not only a service for the English community to grow into niche regions. It’s a crucial link for the non-English communities, ensuring essential updates and opportunities don’t slip through the cracks due to language differences. Their role in connecting people across varied cultures and backgrounds by overcoming language barriers is invaluable.

Beyond the immediate benefit of just understanding content, languages other than English carry immense value for this initiative. Translations give these language speakers a voice in the community, ensure quality communication, promote inclusion within the platform, and enable access to crucial support. This inclusivity nurtures a diverse, prosperous community that is essential for the growth and success of Kaspa.

The goal of raising 1 million KAS tokens shows just how committed the community is to including different languages. It’s not just a nice gesture; it’s a strategic move to reach more people and encourage them to use Kaspa.

Bringing the translators under the CMF isn’t just about giving them a funding source but also about the beneficial overlap in the nature of their work. With the additional workforce, the CMF will have more advocates to ensure the sustainability of both translation and marketing initiatives.
This all happens while ensuring everyone’s voice, regardless of their language, is heard in the Kaspa community. By embracing language diversity, Kaspa is boosting its global presence and making strides toward genuine adoption globally.

Only when enabling all languages to speak and participate, can Kaspa be genuinely inclusive and adopted worldwide.



Tip: Recognizing that Kaspa’s adoption relies on engaging with all languages and cultures will ensure a global perspective and unified goal.


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