Enhancing the Kaspa Network to unmatched speeds, performance, and scalability beyond the realms of existing Proof-of-Work consensus mechanisms.

Rusty Kaspa

April 4th, 2023

The Kaspa community eagerly anticipates the release of the alpha version of Rusty Kaspa, which is scheduled for April 15th. This milestone release will include testnet and mainnet testing binaries, with beta and stable releases to follow after extensive community testing. The primary goal of this major update is to optimize the network’s decentralization, performance, security, and scalability, considering the capabilities of current communication networks and average node hardware.


Implementing Rust

It’s important to note that the optimal block processing speed will be determined through extensive real-world tests. As a result, the Rust implementation is expected to provide significant performance improvements over the current version. Still, the team is committed to conducting thorough tests to ensure the best possible results for the network.

The transition to enhanced performance will take time. Following the release of the well-tested Rust version operating at its initial block processing speed on Golang, the network will progressively optimize the rate through a carefully designed process. First, a specific block processing speed will be tested on the testnet. Then, if the test is successful, the change will be scheduled for activation on the mainnet. This process will be repeated for each new optimization.

To ensure a smooth transition and provide ample time for the community to upgrade their nodes, hardware (if necessary), and proprietary software, there will be a delayed date of automatic activation for each new optimization on the mainnet. This phased approach will help mitigate any potential issues and ensure a seamless switchover for all network participants.

The upcoming release of Kaspa on Rust represents a significant step forward for the project. The enhanced network performance is highly anticipated by the community, as it would enable faster transactions and cater to the growing needs of the users and further adoption. As always, the Kaspa developers remain committed to working diligently to ensure the continued success and growth of the platform. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in Kaspa!

RUSTY KASPA: https://github.com/kaspanet/rusty-kaspa

Tip: It’s important to note that 32 BPS is a preliminary estimate; actual testing will reveal the true optimal performance based on network and hardware capabilities.











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