Chainge Finance unites Kaspa and ERC-20.

The Bridge

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In an exciting development and new opportunity for the Kaspa community, Chainge Finance, a leader in the cross-chain DeFi space, has successfully launched a native Kaspa to Wrapped Kaspa (wKAS) custodial bridge on the Ethereum network. This launch unveils a new spectrum of opportunities for Kaspa users, including direct bridging on Chainge’s decentralized exchange (DEX) mobile app from the Kaspa network to Ethereum and now possible utilization of Ethereum’s established DeFi ecosystem.

By enabling direct bridging on Chainge’s intuitive DEX mobile application, this bridge allows for a smooth, secure, and effortless transfer of assets from the Kaspa network to Ethereum. This introduces Kaspa users to the diverse world of Ethereum’s renowned DeFi ecosystem, transforming wKAS into a passport to a vast array of decentralized applications, such as the DEX Uniswap.

These platforms allow users to lend, borrow, or participate in yield farming activities. For instance, through yield farming, users can provide liquidity to a DeFi protocol, earning interest and fees in return, effectively making their assets work for them. Lending and borrowing platforms like Aave and Compound allow wKAS holders to expand their wealth or access other assets using their own cryptocurrency as collateral.

This transformative bridge doesn’t just open Ethereum’s world to Kaspa users, but it also invites Ethereum users into the Kaspa ecosystem. With wKAS available on the Ethereum network, Ethereum users can now directly purchase wKAS and participate in the unique offerings of the Kaspa blockchain. The bridge’s capability also ensures a swift and easy conversion between wKAS and native Kaspa, thus creating a reciprocal relationship that benefits both ecosystems.

The launch of Chainge’s custodial bridge is pivotal for both Kaspa and Ethereum. The bridge doesn’t just offer more opportunities for asset diversity, but it also cultivates a broader DeFi landscape where Ethereum and Kaspa users can engage. The overall result is a more inclusive, interconnected, and dynamic blockchain experience that elevates user possibilities on both platforms.

Wrapped Kaspa

wKAS, an ERC-20 token representing Kaspa on the Ethereum network, is at the heart of this development. By creating a bridge between the Kaspa and Ethereum networks, wKAS allows users to engage in Ethereum’s vast DeFi ecosystem using their Kaspa holdings.

wKAS contract address:

Users are urged to confirm this contract address before interacting to avoid scams or fraudulent tokens that may impersonate wKAS. As always, it is crucial to exercise caution when trading or using tokens, and users should verify details before any transactions.

Chainge: DeFi Powered by Cross-Chain Fusion DCRM technology

Chainge Finance is a pioneer in the DeFi space, with 40+ integrated chains supporting over 1600 assets. By integrating with Chainge, Kaspa users can now maximize their wealth potential in a secure, flexible, and worry-free financial environment.

Chainge’s core objective is to improve people’s quality of life by providing a wide range of decentralized financial solutions, all of which are neatly packed into a seamless and straightforward user experience. This allows anyone, anywhere, to freely benefit from its services.

Cross-chain Capabilities

The Chainge Finance cross-chain aggregated DEX offers various capabilities to users, such as bridging, cross-chain swaps, and cross-chain roaming assets from multiple networks to another within seconds. Additionally, holders can earn up to 12.28% APY on stablecoins without experiencing impermanent loss on futures liquidity pools.

Chainge also provides unique functionalities, such as a decentralized form of staking called Time-Framing, which allows users to assign a purpose to a certain amount of wealth for a defined period while maintaining full ownership rights over their assets. This essentially means users can make money while they sleep, generating passive income through Chainge Time-framing and liquidity pools.

Additionally, Chainge offers a decentralized escrow service that replaces traditional commercial contracts, ensuring all contractual conditions are met swiftly and securely when transacting with strangers.

Chainge also recently launched a VISA virtual credit card along with hardware cold wallet pre-orders.

Fusion DCRM, celebrated for its steadfast security, has an impeccable four-year track record, confirming its reliability in the complex world of digital security. With a commitment to transparency and empowerment, Fusion is gearing up to unveil a series of comparative technical materials, offering insights into DCRM’s security strengths in contrast with other available technologies. These materials aim to support users in making informed decisions about their digital security. In parallel, a revamped website is on the way to enhance user experience and provide easy access to pertinent information.

The Future of DeFi

Kaspa users can now benefit from the Ethereum ecosystem through the new Chainge Finance custodial bridge from native Kaspa to wKAS. This development presents an exciting opportunity for Kaspa users to delve deeper into the world of DeFi, leveraging the power of Ethereum’s vast network.

Users interested in exploring Chainge’s offerings can download the Chainge app, available on both iOS and Android app stores.

Wrapped Kaspa offered by Chainge marks a significant step forward for the Kaspa community. With access to the expansive DeFi ecosystem, the possibilities for Kaspa users are now more extensive than ever before.

Android: Google Play Store

iOS: App Store

Tip: Users are, for now, only able to bridge KAS in the mobile app, but they will also be able to do so in the web app in the future.


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