Kaspa City is a hands-on live demonstration of the Kaspa BlockDAG speed and efficiency. Created by Kaspa Discord Community member @lAmeR^

Kaspa City is a mini-game where you can experience the creation of KAS transactions in a simple point-and-click budget sim. With the Kaspa network’s near-instant transactions from one wallet to another, you can witness the chain’s blazing speed by working, shopping, and eating.

You begin the game with a personal in-game wallet and a starting balance of 0KAS. After reading the instructions, you can switch between the buildings by swiping, clicking on the buildings, or using the arrow keys.

You start off broke and need to work to earn some spending KAS by heading to your day job at the Office. A prompt will appear to earn 1KAS. Once selected, a window will display the Kaspa network transactions and confirmations in real time from the chain.

Don’t blink. You may miss it. Kaspa is FAST.

You can continue to make 1KAS transactions at the Office, or you can spend KAS by entering the shopping at the mall or snagging a slice of pizza at the restaurant. Take note of the KAS totals over the buildings as you create transactions and move KAS around.

If you don’t use your wallet for more than 5 minutes, all $KAS will be returned to the BANK.

Although it’s a simple game, Kaspa City is a great educational tool. Helping beginners understand how Kaspa works and even an introduction to crypto and how it can be adopted and used in everyday life.









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