Dr. Martin Hiesboeck of Uphold speaks with the founder of Kaspa, Yonatan Sompolinsky.

The History and Intricacies of the BlockDAG

This week’s Weekly Crypto Update Twitter Space with Dr. Martin Hiesboeck/ @MHiesboeck welcomes Yonatan Sompolinsky/@hashdag, the mastermind behind Kaspa will guide us through the fascinating history and intricacies of blockDAG technology. BlockDAG, or a Directed Acyclic Graph of Blocks, is an innovative data structure offering a more efficient and flexible solution to digital transactions, addressing the blockchain trilemma challenges of scalability, decentralization, and security inherent in traditional crypto technology. Sompolinsky’s Kaspa exemplifies the potential of blockDAG in revolutionizing the cryptocurrency space by providing faster, more secure transactions with lower fees.

During the conversation, Sompolinsky will explain the core principles of blockDAG and how it differs from conventional blockchain technology. Then, delve into the origins of blockDAG, which can be traced back to Sompolinsky and Aviv Zohar’s 2016 paper, leading to the development of the first blockDAG protocols, GHOST, and SPECTRE. Also, they may discuss the implications of blockDAG for the future of cryptocurrency and the challenges this groundbreaking technology faces.

Tune in on April 13th at 1:00 PM EST for an insightful discussion with Yonatan Sompolinsky of Kaspa as Dr. Martin Hiesboeck explores the fascinating world of blockDAG and its potential to transform the digital currency landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a leading expert in the field and gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency and Kaspa.

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Tip: Dr. Martin Hiesboeck is the Head of Research at Uphold and the founder of AlpineBlock and Natoura.











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