Dr. Martin Hiesboeck of Uphold speaks with Kaspa core researcher, Shai Wyborski.

Kaspa History and Innovation

On May 4th at 1:00 PM EST, Dr. Martin Hiesboeck, @MHiesboeck, from Uphold, hosted a Weekly Crypto Update with guest Shai Wyborski, @DesheShai, a Kaspa core contributor and quantum and cryptography researcher. The Twitter Space was an AMA, allowing attendees to dive into the history of Kaspa and understand the intricacies of innovative technology.

During the session, Wyborski discussed the functionality of smart contracts and how they could be used to develop applications. He also discussed his history with cryptocurrencies, observations, and the reinvigorating promise and technology of Kaspa.

The conversation then shifted to the issue of proof-of-work energy consumption, which has been a subject of debate in the crypto space. Wyborski acknowledged that securing a proof-of-work chain network requires a significant amount of energy, and the amount of energy invested depends on the amount of work people are willing to put into the network. However, he argued that the criticism of Bitcoin’s energy consumption was inaccurate, as it did not consider the complex factors contributing to energy generation’s environmental footprint.

Wyborski noted that the data to compare was lacking. Although he could not promise that a proof-of-work system would be sustainable in the long run, he urged people to dive deep into the issue rather than relying on surface-level criticism.

The Twitter Space AMA with Dr. Martin Hiesboeck and Shai Wyborski provided valuable insights into the functionalities and potential applications of Kaspa technology.

Weekly Crypto Update: https://twitter.com/MHiesboeck/status/1654117929594781697


Tip: Uphold confirmed that Kaspa would be listed on the platform in the near future, providing users with another option to trade the innovative cryptocurrency.












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