The blockDAG architecture – with rapid block rates – allows more mining decentralization and enables effective solo-mining even at lower hashrates. Fair-launched in November of 2021 with no pre-mine, zero pre-sales, and no coin allocations; Kaspa is 100% decentralized, open-source, and community managed.  The max supply of Kaspa is 28.7 Billion coins with an emission schedule that halves once per year via smooth monthly reductions by a factor of (1/2)^(1/12).


18.82B KAS



28.7B KAS





Articles & News

Kaspa Integrated on OneKey

Open source crypto wallet. Trusted by millions. The OneKey Classic As the crypto world continues to evolve, hardware wallets like the OneKey Classic are staying on the cutting edge. This well-regarded device has just become even more helpful with the addition of...

Kaspa on Rust: Alpha Update

A Major Technical Pruning Upgrade On-the-Fly Header Pruning In the rapidly advancing world of digital currencies, every development counts. A significant upgrade in the Kaspa network is making waves due to its potential to enhance transaction speed, reduce hardware...

The Kaspa Founding Contributors

The Architects Behind Kaspa’s Success The Creation and Vision of Kaspa The journey of Kaspa has been shaped by the collective efforts of its founding contributors. DAGLabs, a research and development company co-founded by Yonatan Sompolinsky, laid the groundwork for...

Kaspa on Rust: Alpha Update

Two to three week estimated timeline for the beta release. Kaspa on Rust The Rust rewrite, also known as Rusty Kaspa, is like a major engine upgrade for the Kaspa platform. As a result, the everyday user can expect a faster, more stable, and more secure experience....

New Exchange Listing — Bitget

Kaspa Trading Now Live Bitget Bitget, a crypto exchange consistently ranking in the top 10, has listed Kaspa (KAS) on its platform as of 11:00 am UTC on May 9th. This listing further diversifies Bitget’s extensive range of digital assets and brings new Kaspa trading...

Join & Follow the COmmunity

We are a growing community and are always looking for enthusiastic people to join the project.  If you are a coder, marketer, vlogger, community manager, enthusiast, or anything else join the Kaspa Discord and say, “hi!”


Simple donation through Cryptocurrency Checkout

Manual donations dev-fund-address: kaspa:precqv0krj3r6uyyfa36ga7s0u9jct0v4wg8ctsfde2gkrsgwgw8jgxfzfc98

Mining dev-fund-address: kaspa:pzhh76qc82wzduvsrd9xh4zde9qhp0xc8rl7qu2mvl2e42uvdqt75zrcgpm00

The wallet is managed by 4 members of the community (msutton, Tim, The SheepCat and demisrael) who were publicly voted in to become the Treasurers.

The is a multi-signature wallet with a 2/4 signing formula, so it needs at least 2 of the Treasurers to sign the spending transaction for it to become commutable. All spendings are published in the #devfund channel and are performed according to the results of public votes in either #funding-pools or #votes channels

Manual donations to the Community Marketing Fund address:
A report on spending will be made available each month