The Architects Behind Kaspa’s Success

The Creation and Vision of Kaspa

The journey of Kaspa has been shaped by the collective efforts of its founding contributors. DAGLabs, a research and development company co-founded by Yonatan Sompolinsky, laid the groundwork for Kaspa’s emergence as a decentralized and open initiative. With a focus on scalable DAG-based protocols, DAGLabs paved the way for Kaspa’s vision of transparency, openness, and decentralization. Despite the eventual dissolution of DAGLabs, the project persevered thanks to the continued dedication and contributions of ex-DAGLabs developers and researchers.

Kaspa stands apart by embracing a genuinely decentralized ethos, where decision-making is driven by an extensive community of developers, researchers, and enthusiasts. No central authority or foundation is leading the charge, allowing Kaspa to operate in a distributed and collaborative manner. This aligns with the principles of a truly decentralized network, where open discussions, productive debates, and collaborative planning shape the path forward.

The initial funding from Polychain Capital provided crucial support for Kaspa’s launch, and the decision to forgo allocations or premine underscored the project’s commitment to transparency and fairness. While DAGLabs may have dissolved, the legacy of its ex-developers and researchers continues to propel Kaspa forward, ensuring its growth and maintenance in pursuit of its decentralized vision.

The Founding Contributors

  1. Yonatan Sompolinsky — Founder Yonatan holds a postdoctoral degree in Computer Science from Harvard University and is part of the MEV Research Team. He co-founded DAGLabs and played a crucial role in creating Kaspa.
  2. Michael Sutton — Core Developer With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from The Hebrew University, Michael is a skilled distributed systems researcher and developer who contributes his expertise to the Kaspa project.
  3. Shai Wyborski — Quantum & Cryptography Researcher Shai, a Ph.D. candidate researching classical and quantum cryptography, lends his knowledge and experience to the project as a cryptography researcher.
  4. Elichai Turkel — Core Developer Elichai is an applied cryptographer and high-performance systems developer working as a core developer on the Kaspa project.
  5. Ori Newman — Core Developer Ori is a cryptocurrency and distributed systems developer, actively contributing to the Kaspa project as a core developer.
  6. Mike Zak — Core Developer Like Ori, Mike is a cryptocurrency and distributed systems developer, contributing to the project as a core developer.

The Community Backbone of Kaspa

The triumph of Kaspa as a decentralized, open, and pure blockDAG initiative is certainly rooted in the groundbreaking contributions of its core founders. However, it’s important to acknowledge that its success extends even beyond these initial foundational efforts. The community developers, who invest their time, energy, and skill into the project, are also integral to Kaspa’s success. These passionate community members are deeply involved in the Kaspa ecosystem, offering new feature suggestions, rectifying technical errors, integrating platforms, and promoting the network through education and enlightening materials.

Their collective expertise and commitment create a culture of cooperation, allowing Kaspa to dynamically respond and grow amidst the rapidly evolving crypto sphere. Both the core and community developers are the lifeblood of Kaspa. Providing the unwavering dedication and commitment essential for turning the project’s vision into reality and ensuring its sustained success, their role in Kaspa is as much valued as indispensable.

Thank you to our community developers @KaffinPX, @jwj, @lAmeR^, @aspect, @Tiram, @coderofstuff, @TheSheepCat, @auzghosty, @imalfect, @azbuky and many more. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and impactful contributions have been instrumental in driving the Kaspa project forward and its success is a demonstration of your incredible efforts.











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