Android v 0.2.0 and iOS release.


The Android wallet has received an update. Users that have already installed the alpha version should back up their secret phrase and uninstall the app before installing the new version.

Android Test Wallet

iOS Test Wallet

Kaspium Source Code

Kaspium Initial Setup

Though Kaspium is in test phase, you wouldn’t know it with how easy it is to use, the seamless experience, and wow… this wallet is CLEAN. The simple minimalist design gives an immediate sense of transparency, usability, and control upon opening. The screen space is well organized and optimized for accessing transaction history info, balance, and wallet functionality.

Sending and receiving KAS from the convenience of your mobile phone couldn’t be easier or faster with Kaspium running on the Kaspa network. The wallet supports QR codes making transactions quicker, more accessible, and practical. The mobile interface supports multiple wallets, address management, and authentication using device biometrics.

Kaspium is compatible with 24 words Kaspad CLI wallet secret phrases, an added security from the 12-word secret seed phrase of the web/desktop wallet. However, it’s important to note that the desktop and web wallet currently use a 12-word secret phrase; you currently can’t import those existing wallets to the mobile platform.

Android Test Wallet

iOS Test Wallet

Kaspium Source Code

Note: Kaspium is in test phase and may be subject to minor bugs and glitches. Kaspium is non-custodial, meaning the user is solely responsible for backing up the wallet’s secret phrase. The secret phrase is only stored securely on the user’s device. Therefore, losing the secret seed phrase will result in a loss of funds.










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