Kaspa coins can now be stored effortlessly and securely on various platforms such as Desktop, Web, Android, and iOS.

Put your money where your custody is.

A non-custodial wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where users maintain complete control over their private keys. This means that the user is solely responsible for keeping their private keys safe and managing access to their funds. Users do not need to rely on a third party to hold and manage their private keys, such as an exchange or online wallet provider. This type of wallet is often considered more secure than non-custodial wallets because users control their funds and do not need to trust a third party with their private keys.

While hardware wallet support is on its way to the Kaspa network, there are currently four live Kaspa wallets to choose from: Kaspa Web Wallet, KDX Desktop Wallet, Kaspa Command Line Wallet, and Kaspa Mobile Wallet, which is in the test phase of development.

Kaspa Web Wallet

Kaspa Web Wallet is the most user-friendly and secure wallet on the network. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it breeze to send and receive payments. Head to https://wallet.kaspanet.io/ to create a new wallet, record your 12-word seed phrase, follow the seed phrase prompts, and you’re ready to roll.


KDX is a desktop wallet you download and install. It’s a process manager that provides zero-effort installation and configuration of the Kaspa full-node software, miner, and Kaspa Wallet in a single GUI-based facility. Like the Kaspa Web Wallet, it uses a 12-word seed phrase. You can use KDX in ‘Kaspad node’ mode, which can be used as a node and wallet (Full Wallet), or ‘CPU/GPU miner’ mode, which allows mining to KDX local node.

Kaspa Command Line Wallet

The Kaspa Command Line Wallet is part of the core Kaspa node software bundle and is maintained by the core team. It uses a command line interface (console) to operate. This wallet doesn’t use a GUI and requires some knowledge or experience executing commands or coding. Recommended for users that are Kaspa/crypto enthusiasts and looking for a minimalist experience.


Kaspium is an easy-to-use cross-platform (Android & iOS) non-custodial mobile wallet for the Kaspa network. Kaspium features an easy-to-use interface with support for multiple wallets, transaction history, address management, and easy authentication using device biometrics.

This wallet is compatible with 24 words Kaspad CLI wallet secret phrases. This wallet is perfect for users that like touchscreen functionality or want to keep their wallets on hand. It offers a clean interface and a versatile experience. Moreover, it’s a wallet that can live in the pocket again. Although Kaspium is live, it is still in a test development phase and may experience some bugs and glitches. It isn’t available yet on app stores and the Test APK will need to be downloaded and installed on your mobile device.

Note: Non-custodial wallets ensure the user is solely responsible for backing up the wallet’s secret phrase. The secret phrase is only stored securely on the user’s device. Loss of the secret phrase will result in loss of funds.

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