Saturday, April 8th, 5:00 PM EST — Hosted by @BubblegumLtng

The Twitter Space

Host: Bubblegum Lightning/@BubblegumLtng will hold a Kaspa Twitter Space on April 8th at 5:00 PM EST with special guest Nicholas Harness, discussing the future of Kaspa and the University Blockchain Alliance(UBA). The Twitter Space will allow participants to ask questions about UBA, its goals and mission, the integration of Universities and blockchain, and Kaspa’s role in their development. The first portion of the Twitter Space will cover an overview of UBA. The remainder will be open to audience questions about Kaspa and UBA.

University Blockchain Alliance

UBA began as a collaborative effort among five smaller schools in Illinois, aiming to foster a supportive community for up-and-coming clubs at smaller universities. UBA assists these schools in establishing partnerships and gaining access to valuable resources such as speakers, workshops, and other activities that contribute to club growth. Today, UBA has expanded to over 150 schools across 29 countries. The transition to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is its most significant milestone. This registered Delaware corporation, which has filed for non-profit status, is recognized in the only state legally acknowledging DAOs.

UBA has attracted an impressive list of partners, including Solana, NEAR, Circle, Coinbase, Binance, Constellation, Tron, and Celo, among many others. Working with around 200–250 partners across the Web3 space, the alliance offers various initiatives and programs to engage talented student developers. One such program is Kaspa U, which emerged from the promise of the early stage project with many desirable traits and a use-case of a practical everyday cryptocurrency. This initiative aims to create a robust developer community for Kaspa by allowing students to learn from experts and eventually build on the network.

Kaspa U and other upcoming events have laid the groundwork for promising interactions, developments, and educational opportunities. Some ideas for the future include workshops, university speaking tours, hackathons, and involvement in the 2nd MIT Blockchain experiment and the UBA conference this fall at Michigan. These events provide valuable networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities while introducing Kaspa to a broader audience. The alliance continues to grow and evolve, emphasizing creating a solid foundation for the next generation of Web3 developers and visionaries.

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Tip: Nicholas Harness has been actively following Kaspa since July of 2022 and started working with the UBA members in early November of the same year.











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