A useful tool for reporting, filing, and taxes.

Edit: The Kaspa Transaction Report has deployed as an app at: https://kaspa-transaction-report-coderofstuff.vercel.app/

You can now add your Kaspa addresses (one per line) and generate your transaction history CSV with a new user-friendly app.

The Kaspa Transaction Report, created by coderofstuff, is a tool to generate an organized CSV report for your Kaspa transactions. Currently in alpha phase without any service level agreements at this time.

Kaspa Transaction Report

Generates a CSV file for all your Kaspa transactions.

Currently in alpha — no expected SLA.


  • NodeJS (v16+)


  1. Download this repository and unzip (or clone it if you know how)
  2. Open a terminal/cmd and go to the directory you downloaded this at, then run npm install. This will install dependencies.
  3. Create a file addresses.txt in this directory. In this file, you will list all your address — one per line




  1. To generate your transaction report run npm run generate

This will generate the file kaspa-transactions.csv. This CSV is currently compatible with Koinly only.


  • Compound transactions and transactions sending to yourself are ignored
  • Assumes addresses from exchanges are treated as not your own
  • If you notice the report is inaccurate, first make sure you actually listed all addresses you care about in addresses.txt

Found this useful?

Consider donating to the Kaspa address listed on: https://github.com/coderofstuff/kaspa-transaction-report

Tip: This CSV report was designed to be easily imported and utilized on koinly.io for filing taxes.








Feel free to comment and/or ask any questions.

You can also find me on the Kaspa discord — Bubblegum Lightning