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Stratum/Pool Connections


f2pool & Contest

Kaspa is now supported on f2pool, one of the largest cryptocurrency mining pools in the world, providing increased exposure and accessibility to a broader range of miners, which can help improve its network’s security and decentralization. In addition, f2pool is hosting a 10-day mining contest for Kaspa miners to celebrate. The top 20 miners will share 500,000 KAS in proportion to their hashrate, offering an excellent opportunity to participate in the Kaspa network through f2pool and earn extra KAS for their efforts.

f2pool offers a range of benefits for cryptocurrency miners, providing access to an extensive network of peers and support that can improve the efficiency and profitability of mining, along with servers in multiple countries that can reduce latency and improve performance. Furthermore, by mining Kaspa on f2pool, Kaspa miners can tap into the expertise and resources of one of the most respected mining pools in the industry, which can assist in improving their mining experience and obtaining the help they may require.

In addition to the benefits of increased exposure and access to resources, being supported on f2pool can also help to improve the efficiency and speed of Kaspa’s network. This can help to improve the reliability of the Kaspa network, which is essential for attracting and retaining users.

f2pool has a reputation for being reliable, transparent, and secure, which can help to build trust and confidence among Kaspa’s miners. By leveraging the expertise and resources of one of the industry’s leading mining pools, Kaspa can enhance the security, efficiency, and accessibility of its network, which can help to drive adoption and growth in the future.

The benefits of having a pool on f2pool are significant for Kaspa and its users. The extensive network of miners provides improved security and decentralization of the network, while the advanced mining platform and pools can improve the efficiency and speed of transactions. Moreover, the mining contest allows miners to earn rewards for their contributions, further incentivizing their participation in the network. As Kaspa continues to grow and expand, its partnership with f2pool will surely be a factor in its success.

f2pool: https://www.f2pool.com/

Tip: Founded in 2013, f2pool has grown from a Bitcoin and Litecoin mining pool to a globally recognized brand offering professional mining tools and services. As a leader in the crypto mining industry, f2pool prides itself on transparency and providing world-class services to its miners. Members of the crypto mining community are invited to join the f2pool community and contribute to the ongoing effort to secure blockchain infrastructure worldwide.











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