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Zelcore stands out as the world’s first gateway for Web3, simplifying how users navigate major exchanges and blockchain protocols. As a powerful tool for managing, trading, and truly owning digital assets and information, Zelcore now provides support for Kaspa. As a result, KAS holders can now take advantage of the comprehensive solution for a full Web3 experience.

Zelcore’s innovative platform is built to give consumers access and visibility to the entire blockchain ecosystem from one place. Whether users are looking to buy and store crypto, trade and swap assets across various protocols and exchanges, or utilize DeFi applications, Zelcore makes the entire process simple and efficient.

With support for over 60 blockchain protocols and 450+ coins and tokens, Zelcore’s expansive offering outshines other multi-asset wallets. Users can import over 50,000 tokens, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience. In addition, Zelcore has indexed more than 1,000 trading pairs and connects to markets, ensuring the best price execution possible for its users.

The recent integration of Kaspa into Zelcore’s platform is yet another example of its commitment to staying ahead of the curve by integrating the world’s first BlockDAG and fastest Proof of Work Layer 1. As the easiest way to navigate the complex world of digital assets, Zelcore empowers people to explore and embrace the potential of blockchain technology.

Zelcore’s user-friendly platform, extensive support for various protocols, coins, and tokens, and its commitment to integrating emerging projects like Kaspa make it the ultimate gateway for Web3 and digital asset management. Whether you are a seasoned Kaspa enthusiast or just starting your journey, Zelcore offers a comprehensive and secure solution for navigating the ever-expanding blockchain universe.


Tip: Zelcore gives you an extra layer of security with decentralized 2-factor authentication (d2FA) stored on the blockchain giving you access to your account anywhere rather than through a central authority.










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