Support and engage with the Kaspa Currency Twitch community.

Kaspa on Twitch is an engaging and informative platform that shares insights, news, and updates about the Kaspa project and serves as a platform to host events, games, and voice chats. If you’re passionate about this innovative cryptocurrency and want to show your support, here are several ways to get involved and help the channel grow. From following and subscribing to making donations, various options suit every budget and participation preference.

View Emotes

Click on the emoticon button in the chat window in their channel (the one you type in) — it looks like a smiling face. The channel’s subscriber emoticons should pop up at the top of the interface. You can view the current emotes that you, as a subscriber, can use across the Twitch platform in any Stream!

Current Goals

  • 1000 FOLLOWERS on the Twitch Channel.
  • 50 SUBSCRIBERS on the Twitch Channel.
  • 120,000 Kaspa in the Streams fund & Promotional Rewards address. This will kickstart and cover the production cost of T-shirts to distribute amongst the community to wear KASPA with pride.

Funding and donations will be used to support ongoing efforts to expand to others what KASPA is. By creating an innovative and interactable way for the community to talk, showcase what they are working on, have group social interaction, and more. Not only to educate others but to enjoy and celebrate KASPA. Raised funds will also support existing Kaspa fund wallets, such as the Devfund, through games, 24/7 news, virtual meet-ups, giveaways, and more.


TIP: Dablacksplash is a Community Moderator in the Kaspa Discord and manages the Kaspa Currency Twitch channel. A passionate Kaspa advocate and gaming enthusiast, Dablacksplash is dedicated to fostering a strong community around the project.











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