First Stability Improvements Cycle and Upcoming Developments

Kaspa on Rust

Kaspa developers have been actively working on improvements to its Rust implementation. In a series of tweets, Michael Sutton provided insights into the progress made and future plans of releasing estimated timelines for testnet and mainnet launches.

Improvements and Upcoming Developments

Kaspa has been working on its first stability improvements cycle, focusing on the following areas:

  1. Enhanced peer-to-peer (P2P) connection management
  2. Complete Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Command Line Interface (CLI) Application Programming Interface (API)
  3. Addressing important algorithmic edge cases that, although not common, are critical for security

The next phase of Kaspa’s development will focus on:

  1. Improved end-to-end node stability
  2. Block and header pruning to increase Block Per Second (BPS) on the mainnet without rapidly raising disk space requirements

A new Rust-based transaction generation tool, created by Ori Newman, is also being deployed for the testnet. This tool ensures stable high Transactions Per Second (TPS) on the testnet, allowing all components to handle the load correctly.

Implementing a hard fork to increase BPS comes with challenges, as it requires changing several consensus constants at the hard fork point. One alternative being considered is to launch a new testnet and avoid this task for now. However, the decision is still up in the air.

Michael Sutton’s updates provide a glimpse into the ongoing work on Kaspa’s Rust implementation. With a focus on stability improvements, node stability, and future developments like block pruning, the Kaspa developers are working diligently to ensure the project reaches its full potential. As the community eagerly awaits the testnet and mainnet launch, these updates are an exciting teaser for what’s to come.

Twitter Thread:

Tip: Michael Sutton, who holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from The Hebrew University and is a skilled distributed systems researcher and developer, continues to contribute his expertise to the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.