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Time for some Chainge?

Chainge Finance, a unified non-custodial wallet and DeFi app, provides Kaspa users numerous benefits for storing and managing their KAS coins. With its various features and functionality, Chainge is an ideal choice for Kaspa, whether used as a native wallet or for DeFi purposes. It aligns well with Kaspa’s goal of delivering a scalable, secure, decentralized platform for its users.

One of the significant benefits of Chainge Finance is its ability to provide a secure non-custodial wallet for storing KAS coins. In expert mode, users own their seed phrase, which they can import into other wallets whenever they want. Additionally, the seed phrase can be encrypted in a QR code for added security.

Chainge also offers a cross-chain aggregated DEX, which allows users to seamlessly swap, send and receive crypto assets across networks, an escrow module, a top DEX aggregator, a futures DEX, and the very first decentralized options DEX — all powered and secured by the innovative Fusion DCRM technology.

The platform is also dedicated to improving user experience and security. For example, the platform offers a hardware wallet by Arculus, which users can pre-order to securely store their KAS coins offline.

Chainge will be introducing the option for users to onboard via email, an alternative to existing OTP sent via mobile SMS, with the option of choosing 2FA for more advanced users.

Finally, their virtual credit card allows users to convert their KAS to USDC and off-ramp the funds via a credit card option.

Chainge is an excellent native wallet for Kaspa users looking to manage their KAS coins with ease and complete control. With its secure non-custodial wallet, Cross-chain Aggregated DEX, multiple channels for sending and receiving crypto, decentralized escrow module, hardware cold wallet, and credit card feature, Chainge offers a comprehensive platform for managing cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Chainge continues to innovate and improve its services to provide its users with a secure, accessible, and convenient platform for managing their digital assets.


Tip: Chainge is currently the most liquid cross-chain aggregated DEX on the market.










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