Kaspa now offers merch with Pool Party Nodes partnership.

You can now support your favorite BlockDAG with high-quality Kaspa merch that goes Beyond The Block. Represent Kaspa and contribute to spreading mass adoption through style and community.

The partnership with Pool Party Nodes is dedicated to helping the Kaspa community expand through the spread of visual merch marketing and funding. Fifty percent of the proceeds go directly to developing the Kaspa network and furthering the research of creating a sustainable decentralized ecosystem.

The Pool Party Nodes team has plans to expand into the Kaspa mining space in the coming months and will be writing up an in-depth guide/blog post on the future of Kaspa.


Kaspa Clothing Store: Tee Shirts, Sweat Pants, Hats, and accessories.

Official Partnership: 50% of sales profits will fund the Kaspa Network development.

Tip: Kaspa Proof of Work mining is based on the KHeavyHash algorithm, a slightly modified version of HeavyHash. KHeavyHash is core dominant but energy efficient. It can be successfully mined using GPUs and is resistant to ASICs.








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