Yonatan Sompolinsky

  • launch Kaspa in gamenet mode, a research oriented experimental network
  • inject deliberate fragility into Kaspa launch via random semi-scarce monetary policy
  • construct battlefield for reward-based and MEV-based reorgs
  • as community matures and hashrate grows, go full scarcity mode, transition from game- to main- net mode, rendering early (gamenet) stage miners profitable in retrospect
  • gamenet 2.0 requires developing Ethereum bridge to simulate and practice MEV-reorgs, in order to test and demonstrate DAG consensus’ antifragility

Why Kaspa shouldn’t launch as an ordinary cryptocurrency

Gamenet: A proposal to launch Kaspa in a novel experimental mode

Cryptoeconomics phase 1

Gamenet activity


Cryptoeconomics phase 2

Kaspa development and support


Monetary policy and block rewards


  1. Test selfish mining and reorg attacks,
  2. Introduce uncertainty regarding the supply,
  3. Incentivize extending the main chain, 95% of the time (say),
  4. Incentivize forking the chain when the reward — or the MEV opportunity — is exceptionally high.

Concrete proposal

Formal description

  • $rew(genesis) = const_1$
  • $rew(B) = const_2*avg_{D \in prvs M blocks of B}rew(D)*4^x + const_3*sum_{D\in mergeSet(B)}(rew(D))$

Hashrate trigger

Finality parameter