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CoinPal.io, a leading cryptocurrency payment service provider, has recently made significant strides in expanding its horizons by integrating Kaspa into its platform. CoinPal stays ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital currency landscape by persistently updating its range of supported cryptocurrencies and enhancing its services. By integrating Kaspa, CoinPal is taking e-commerce to the next level and positioning itself as a significant player in crypto adoption.

Since Kaspa is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, sharing fundamental principles with Bitcoin. While introducing improvements such as faster transaction speeds, enhanced scalability, and lower transaction fees. This integration provides new opportunities for CoinPal and its customers, enriching the list of over 50 supported cryptocurrencies. Now with Kaspa, a functional and practical digital currency meant for worldwide transactions.

CoinPal’s commitment to expanding cryptocurrency adoption extends beyond the confines of its platform, as demonstrated by its robust support for various industries. Ranging from live streaming and VPN services to coffee, CoinPal is driving cryptocurrency adoption across diverse sectors, making it a truly versatile payment solutions provider.

The CoinPal support team is awesome to work with…They are incredibly responsive to any possible issues that may be encountered with integration and resolve them quickly. I have thoroughly tested their integration with various levels of security settings and their integration didn’t even blink. The Shopify/CoinPal integration is super smooth, allows customers to pay with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, and quickly converts payments into whatever currency the store owner desires. This is an absolute win-win situation for merchants of any size.

-Brand 425 Coffee

CoinPal is not just about supporting a variety of cryptocurrencies; the company is committed to enhancing the overall user experience by offering seamless integration with various eCommerce platforms. The company’s solution can be incorporated with platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Shopyy, Shoplazza, and Shopify. WooCommerce, known for its customizability, is a prime example of this integration. CoinPal’s plugin for WooCommerce enables online stores to accept and instantly convert payments in a wide range of cryptocurrencies, thus mitigating the risk associated with cryptocurrency volatility.

All the automation on my site went off successfully! Compared to the other checkout app, which required manual input to complete customer orders, this works like a charm!

Pool Party Nodes

DeFi for TradFi

In a notable stride towards bridging the gap between traditional finance and the world of cryptocurrencies, CoinPal has introduced a unique crypto credit card. The application process is quick and efficient, taking just five minutes from application to card issuance. Once issued, the card can be linked to Apple Pay and other mobile payment solutions in less than a minute. CoinPal’s crypto credit card offers a high level of privacy protection, with no requirement for sensitive personal information from users.

Ensuring security for its users, CoinPal assures that funds are 100% secure and regulated by holding an EU cryptocurrency exchange license governed by the EU Financial Crimes Investigation Service (“FCIS”) of Lithuania. The company has partnered with Glocash, an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license holder, to facilitate its crypto credit card service. As global partners of VISA and Mastercard, Glocash and CoinPal enable users to spend their cryptocurrency much like they would with a traditional credit card.

CoinPal is pioneering the future of global cryptocurrency payment solutions. By offering a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies, integrating with diverse eCommerce platforms, and introducing innovative services like the crypto credit card, CoinPal ensures a versatile and secure cryptocurrency transaction experience for its users. With these enhanced offerings, CoinPal will further solidify its position in the global crypto market as the world progressively leans towards Kaspa and crypto adoption.


Tip: With its innovative solutions like seamless eCommerce integrations and the crypto credit card, CoinPal is perfectly aligning with Kaspa’s mission to enhance the practicality and accessibility of cryptocurrency in everyday transactions.


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