Build your own cloud mining data center.

Liquid Mining

Liquid Mining, a cutting-edge crypto mobile application, has just integrated Kaspa into its cloud mining app, making mining more accessible and convenient for users. Built on the principles of Web 3.0, Liquid Mining allows users to dive into the complex process of mining coins without requiring their own computing power or software configuration skills.

With no token of its own, Liquid Mining offers users a number of advantages, including a wide range of coins to mine and ease of use. The app’s main goal is to make mining accessible and convenient for humanity while prioritizing transparency for its users.

To start earning cryptocurrency with Liquid Mining, users need to register on the marketplace and purchase a minimal set of components for their mining system, consisting of a video card, an installation fee, and energy. After that, users can buy different mining components, each available as separate utility NFTs, and receive bonuses for assembling complete sets.

Liquid Mining ensures adequate power for mining through its numerous data centers worldwide. These centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including backup power sources, cooling systems, and network equipment, providing maximum uptime and performance. In addition, each data center is within a secure location, with comprehensive security and fire systems, and follows strict monitoring, maintenance, and disaster recovery protocols.

Race for the Container

Liquid Mining is also currently offering an opportunity for a limited time to win a Liquid Plus Container. From the event’s start, each participant receives a complete rig with all the features on their account for 3 weeks. When you reach the threshold values of the sales volume in each league, you get the equipment forever and move on to a new stage. The race is divided into three leagues, each offering different goals and prizes. This event not only adds an interesting competitive aspect to the Liquid Mining experience but also provides users with the chance to expand their mining capabilities and earn valuable rewards.

By integrating Kaspa into their cloud mining app, Liquid Mining has made Kaspa mining more accessible and convenient for users worldwide. The smartphone-based mining platform offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrency mining without the need for any technical setup. Join Liquid Mining today and create your own unique mining farm within the app.






Tip: Liquid Mining is backed by actual data center hash power, ensuring efficient and reliable cryptocurrency mining operations for its users.











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