Ambassador Events Report

Great marketing is all about great stories, best told from an accessable, community-centric approach.  And since Kaspa is a community-supported project with no consistent treasury, we’ve had to be creative with how we get the message out to the world.  From day one we’ve been pushing a grassroots philosophy approach working towards seeing a wave of localized marketing Ambassadors. We are starting to see the fruit of this labor.

The Kaspa Ambassador Program (KAP) was introduced by Rhubarbarian as a way to engage, equip and support passionate Kaspains around to globe.  By onboarding trusted, knowledgable and referred members, the idea is to help with adoption at the ground level in local cultures and languages.  A Kaspa Ambassador is someone from anywhere around the world that has made the decision to dedicate their time and resources to spread the vision of KASPA and encourage people, developers, merchants and “investors” to consider KASPA. They represent Kaspa.

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If interested in this level of volunteer activity, reach out to Rhubarbarian in Discord or Telegram or email

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to find Ambassadors in different regions around the world.  And a few have risen up to take on the challenge; one being Abraham Mugisha from Uganda.

About Abraham

  • Web3 specialist enthusiast. Founder Web3 Club Africa
  • Has a degree in Commerce majoring in Marketing, with experience in event organization and management (online and offline), especially amongst Universities in the region, community outreach education, translation, blockchain consultant and researcher.
  • Ethereum Devcon scholar 2022.
  • He speaks multiple languages ranging from English, Rukiiga Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda and Luganda.

Choose to be a Kaspa ambassador to:

  • Learn more about Kaspa
  • Meet, network and interact with fellow ambassadors and the team ecosystem
  • Gain more experience and skills through my input contributions
  • Gain recognition for my contributions towards community growth
  • Lead and educate my community and colleagues about blockchain and cryptocurrency

Report By Abraham Mugisha

This report provides a comprehensive recap of the activities conducted May to June 2023. The report highlights two significant activities; an event representation at the Flow Network meetup event and organized a Kaspa Booth at Blockchain DevFest. These activities aimed to foster the growth and adoption of Kaspa blockdag technology in Uganda, building an active and vibrant community and contributing to the community’s larger vision of financial inclusion and empowerment.

Background; Kaspa Uganda community is an initiative that was started by Ambassador Abraham Shidi in mid-February of 2023 under the guidance of Rhubarbarian. The goal was to spread awareness about Kaspa Blockchain/ cryptocurrency in Uganda and the East Africa region in general. 

We executed our first Kaspa event in late May, where I attended the Flow Blockchain Network event and presented about Kaspa this was the first event in the region. We have had a series of engagements and awareness about Kaspa in various ways such as organizing a Kaspa booth and thought partnerships with local tech communities.


In-Person Meetup – Flow Network Event

On 30th May 2023, I attended a Flow network event. The event took place at Jfrigh Hotel Sir Apollo rd- Kampala with an audience mainly made up of both traditional developers and web3 devs, a few enthusiastic developers. The attendance comprised 35+ people.

I happened to handle the financial part and inclusion of and represent Kaspa. I spoke about Kaspa and the products it offers to the market/users, and why I chose Kaspa over other cryptocurrencies/blockchains. I tackled the protocol objective and advantages such as security, decentralization, scalability, community and development, etc.

Kaspa event representation objectives were to introduce and educate the Ugandan community about Kaspa’s existence and seek investor identification.

Kaspa at Blockchain DevFest, Uganda

We also happened to organize and operate a Kaspa booth at Uganda’s biggest blockchain DevFest event. This event took place on the 24th of June 2023 at the Motive innovation center industrial area. The event happened to have attracted a number of various tech enthusiasts in both blockchain and outside the blockchain, investors and startups. It had a number of over 300 attendees. We had an excellent platform for us to engage with the vibrant blockchain community in Kampala and share the benefits and opportunities. A number of attendees bypassed our booth with a number of inquiries and questions, especially crypto investors.

Thanks to the efforts of Rhubarbarian and the contribution from the CMF, we were highly fruitful, as we successfully onboarded hundreds of individuals to the Kaspa ecosystem via the booth setup, helping them to subscribe to Kaspa Kaspa ecosystem platforms, social media, and news feeds, introducing them to its unique features, such as mobile-based accessibility, low-cost transactions, and financial inclusion. 

The event served as an ideal avenue to showcase Kaspa’s potential for driving social impact and fostering economic empowerment in underserved communities.

Success Metrics

  • Target Audience Reached, both developers and the general community including investors
  • Onboarded over 60 users to scan and follow our social channels, and download non-custodial crypto wallets
  • Created and introduced the Kaspa Twitter Africa channel, which aims to boost and broaden the growth of Kaspa communities on the continent


TelegramIn summary, we had a thrilling time introducing Kaspa to the Ugandan community, a milestone of 2 successful activities, marked by a successful Flow meetup representation as the first event, and the Uganda blockchain developer Festival.

These activities not only contributed to the growth of the Kaspa ecosystem in Uganda but also aligned with the broader mission of financial inclusion and empowerment and look forward to introducing the same in the other Great Lakes/ East Africa regional countries. The Kaspa Uganda team remains committed to driving positive change through blockchain technology and looks forward to furthering its impact in the coming months.

We are grateful for the amazing graphic design and event support and the contributions from the Community Marketing Fund (CMF) to help pay for some of the hard costs.

Thank You,

@Shidi in Discord