Gateway To Crypto Now Live

Kaspa has successfully concluded its community crowdfund campaign with the completion of the Gate Startup and’s official listing. As of 03/21/23 at 10AM UTC, the KAS listing is now live with a KAS/USDT trading pair.

Crowdfund and Gate Startup

The crowdfunding campaign attracted strong support from users, enabling Kaspa to achieve its fundraising goals. This accomplishment has paved the way for further development and expansion of the Kaspa ecosystem. Additionally, the Gate Startup exceeded its expectations, and the exclusive platform provided massive exposure and newly generated interest.


A top-ranked exchange was desired due to increasing popularity and community demand for additional ways to obtain and trade Kaspa. By being listed on, Kaspa gains access to millions of potential investors and a broader market, which can ultimately contribute to its growth and development as a project. Additionally, being listed on an exchange’s magnitude can increase the project’s exposure, stability, and legitimacy in the eyes of the larger cryptocurrency community. Finally, the major success of the crowdfunding campaign and Gate Startup shows strong support for Kaspa’s adoption and its community.

Established in 2013, has consistently ranked among the top 10 exchanges. It is a full-service digital asset exchange platform covering millions of users worldwide.

The exchange prides itself on providing industry-leading security and has been audited to show 100% proof of reserves. operates in most countries worldwide and is always committed to complying with the applicable laws where it operates.

Following its successful listing on, Kaspa is in a position to broaden its presence on other cryptocurrency exchanges to foster wider adoption and liquidity for its token. This expansion will allow Kaspa to increase its user base and offer its innovative cryptocurrency technology to an even larger audience.


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