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Kaspa’s community crowdfund campaign was initiated to raise funds for the listing fee on The campaign was ended on March 3rd, 2023. In just 8 days, Kaspa successfully raised over $100,000 in KAS and USDT and satisfied the deadline a day early. This impressive feat was made possible by the strong support of Kaspa’s community, which includes developers, miners, and enthusiasts worldwide.

A top 10 ranked exchange was desired due to increasing popularity and community demand for additional ways to obtain and trade Kaspa. By being listed on, Kaspa gains access to millions of potential investors and a broader market, which can ultimately contribute to its growth and development as a project. Additionally, being listed on a top 10 crypto exchange like can increase the project’s credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the larger cryptocurrency community. Finally, the successful crowdfund campaign demonstrates the strong support for the growth of Kaspa and its community.

Established in 2013, has consistently ranked among the top 10 exchanges. It is a full-service digital asset exchange platform covering millions of users around the world.

The exchange prides itself on providing industry-leading security and has been audited to show 100% proof of reserves. operates in most countries worldwide and is always committed to complying with the applicable laws where it operates.

About’s Startup startup program is also a significant success for the Kaspa community. The program is designed to support promising cryptocurrency projects by providing them with resources, mentorship, and funding to help them grow and achieve their goals. Kaspa was one of the projects selected for the program, which enabled the team to leverage’s extensive network and expertise in the industry to achieve their crowdfunding goal.

Startup is an excellent launch platform for early-stage crypto projects. It provides access to millions of potential investors and offers the opportunity for subsequent listing on the exchange. Before being listed, all projects undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure their legitimacy, quality, and long-term potential.

Users can view the project on the Startup page, which showcases the token description, fundraising goal, amount of tokens offered through Startup, and the initial price per token. Eligible users can participate in the listing period. All allocations are split based on the number of participants and their ratio of subscription shares.

It is essential to remember that the token supply offered through Startup remains the same, even if the listing is oversubscribed. More information about the listing process can be found on the FAQ page. Startup is an excellent option for early-stage cryptocurrency projects looking for a reputable platform to launch and succeed.

i) You are an eligible purchaser of the token; ii) Have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement…

The Kaspa Startup launches: 03/12/2023 07:00:00 UTC. It’s recommended to follow the Kaspa Startup for future listing dates and information regarding






Tip: How to be eligible to participate in the Kaspa Startup:

-For Non-VIP users (VIP0), complete KYC 2 and hold more than $500 worth of tokens in Spot Assets balance.
– For VIP1 and above users, complete KYC 2.

The higher the VIP level is, the more shares you can claim.










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