Bubblegum Lighting will be discussing the PoW history, future, and Kaspa.

Kaspa with Flux — A Roundtable of PoW

The Kaspa Community has been invited to the first-ever Flux Proof of Work (PoW) Roundtable. This event aims to bring together experts and enthusiasts from around the globe to discuss the future of mining and PoW cryptocurrencies. Bubblegum Lightning (myself) will speak about Kaspa’s history and perspectives, engaging with other participants about the direction and potential of PoW and this increasingly important mining sector of the crypto industry.

Scheduled for Friday, April 14 at 10AM EST / 14:00 UTC on YouTube, the Roundtable discussion will provide a unique opportunity for the Kaspa Community to connect with other PoW chains and mining experts. The event aims to foster collaboration and share knowledge on advancing and improving the PoW ecosystem, ensuring that it remains a vital and sustainable part of the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

The Roundtable offers a fantastic chance to engage in productive conversations and networking possibilities. The event is a supercharged gathering of projects from various PoW chains looking to share their ideas and perspectives, promising important insights and establishing a foundation for a more connected and creative PoW crypto future.

Flux — Round Table with POW projects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Wa-2Cw9Bfo&ab_channel=FluxLabs

Tip: This is the first Flux PoW Roundtable.











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