The Kaspa community is raising funds to thank two dedicated Developers, @lAmeR^ and @jwj.

The Community Developers

The Kaspa community prides itself on its members’ dedication and collaborative spirit. Two developers from the Kaspa Discord, @lAmeR^, and @jwj, have stood out for their exceptional work and commitment to the project. In recognition of their invaluable contributions, the community has launched a fundraising initiative to reward their tireless efforts. This crowdfunding campaign is independent and not related to the Dev Fund that is already fully allocated.

Recognizing vital community members’ tireless efforts and commitment is essential in cultivating a nurturing and supportive environment. This fundraising campaign serves as a Kaspa community “Thank you” and is designed to express our gratitude to @lAmeR^ and @jwj for devoting countless hours to the education, integration, problem-solving, and application of their expertise in the pursuit of Kaspa’s success. By acknowledging their hard work and dedication, we cultivate a sense of camaraderie and appreciation, ultimately contributing to the prosperity and growth of our community.

The community aims to collect at least 1 million $KAS to reward these skilled, long-term supporters. There is no set time limit for the fundraiser; it will be considered complete when no more donations are received for an extended period. The reward release terms will be determined by an agreement between the developers.

Donation Addresses

The community has established donation addresses for $KAS and other cryptocurrencies to facilitate the fundraising process.

In addition, an account has been created on MEXC for BTC and USDT contributions. This account will be used to buy Kaspa on the market and transfer it to the $KAS donation address as soon as possible. The community encourages generosity in supporting this initiative.

USDT TRC20 (Tron): TN6BKXgc8jqQwktW5KKaoGPbPf3McvpabN

USDT BEP20 (BSC): 0x4cc730db835f5a7f17c3b9a3bd64be9d36adb1f7

USDT ERC20 (Eth): 0x4cc730db835f5a7f17c3b9a3bd64be9d36adb1f7

BTC: 3AeYk3WNsSPstNrnvTBSU44ZP6tkR8u2QY

Kaspa Discord Funding Pool Announcement

Notable Contributions

@lAmeR^ and @jwj have been instrumental in providing technical assistance for numerous Kaspa integrations. They have been involved in almost every recent listing and integration, including:

  • f2pool
  • Hotbit
  • Tangem
  • Onekey
  • Uphold
  • Bitget
  • MEXC
  • Chainge

Their technical expertise and dedicated time to these integrations have greatly benefited the entire community, and without them, the Kaspa ecosystem wouldn’t be where it is today.

Rewarding @lAmeR^ and @jwj serves as a reminder of the importance of community support and recognition. Their contributions have helped drive Kaspa’s adoption and development. This crowdfund initiative will incentivize and encourage them to continue their vital work. The community acknowledges the efforts of all its voluntary assistants. Still, the outstanding commitment of these two individuals deserves special recognition.

Observing the exceptional contributions of these two developers not only strengthens the community’s foundation but also sets the stage for Kaspa’s continued growth and success.

Kaspa Discord Funding Pool Announcement


Tip: To foster a strong and successful decentralized community governance, crowdfunding serves as one of our most powerful tools. Please consider donating and supporting our community’s growth and resiliance.











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