Developing an extension wallet for Kaspa

92561 KAS (38.57%) raised of 240k KAS needed!

Browser Extension Wallet

Kaspa Community developers, KaffinPX and Not Thomiz have launched an exciting new crowdfunding initiative. They aim to develop an extension wallet for Kaspa, similar to the popular MetaMask wallet for Ethereum. The proposed wallet is intended to be compatible with Firefox and Chromium-based browsers and utilize technologies such as TypeScript, React, MaterialUI, and WASM.

This successful crowdfund would offer secure online storage for your Kaspa coins that you can access with a click. This wallet would enable you to start a new account or import an existing one, allowing you to manage your Kaspa coins effectively. Just as you’d use your regular wallet to send and receive money, this online wallet would provide the same convenience for your digital currency.

Moreover, the wallet is designed to come with a user-friendly contact list. This feature lets you store the addresses of anyone you interact with frequently using Kaspa — friends, family, or even businesses. As a result, transactions become a breeze, saving you time and making the whole process of sending or receiving KAS far more straightforward.

The wallet won’t be a one-size-fits-all; it’s designed to include customizable settings. This means you can adjust and set up your wallet to work precisely how you want it, tailoring it to meet your specific needs and preferences. It’s all about making your Kaspa experience as smooth and personalized as possible.

Beyond personal use, the wallet offers website interoperability and shopping functionality. Designed to communicate effortlessly with websites, adding convenience when you shop or make transactions online. This seamless integration means using your KAS securely and quickly without jumping through hoops.

The wallet is for more than just individuals as well. The duo has considered businesses and is proposing a Merchant Mode. This feature is geared towards helping businesses, particularly those in e-commerce, accept KAS as a form of payment. It’s about opening up new opportunities for merchants, making Kaspa viable for transactions, and increasing its use and acceptance.

The project plan:

  • Week 1: Development of basic features like creating/importing wallets and sending and receiving operations.
  • Week 2: Implementation of the window.kaspa API.
  • Week 3: Rollout of Merchant Mode.
  • Week 4: Integration of translations.
  • Week 5: Preparation for a stable release.
  • Post Week 5: Publication on Web Stores (the timeline for this depends on the approval process in respective stores).

Total development duration: Approximately one month and a week.

Crowdfund goal: 250,000 $KAS.

Crowdfund Wallet Address



Discord Crowdfund Pool

If the total amount isn’t raised, any money collected will be kept safe and might be used for a different community-backed project in the future.

The Kaspa community has given this project a thumbs-up, and the fundraising is now underway. This new wallet, especially with the forthcoming introduction of Kaspa smart contracts, promises to be a game-changer, making it easier than ever to use Kaspa for transactions.

Tip: This wallet will operate similar to Ethereum’s MetaMask, featuring transaction management, contact list, online shopping, and a Merchant Mode for businesses.


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