AMA Hosted by @BubblegumLtng and @Kaspa_HypeMan with Guest @ChadBallantyne

Kaspa AMA with Rhubarbarian

Bubblegum Lightning/@BubblegumLtng and Wolfie/@Kaspa_HypeMan hosted an upcoming Kaspa Twitter Space to discuss the Community Marketing Fund (CMF) and the crowdfund for the marketing initiative led by community contributor Rhubarbarian/@ChadBallantyne. The event aimed to highlight the importance of community-driven marketing efforts and how they contributed to the growth and success of the Kaspa project. In addition, listeners learned about the role of the CMF in promoting Kaspa, engaging new users, and the objectives of the crowdfund pool in supporting the marketing initiatives.

The primary objective of the CMF and marketing crowdfund was to raise funds to support months of creative content, PR management, and marketing efforts for Kaspa. This period allowed the community to solidify plans, strategize new platforms and programs, and build a strong marketing foundation. The initial grant request for the project was 750,000 $KAS, with a continual CMF fund to continue marketing efforts, much like the operation of the dev fund.

The event offered a unique opportunity for Kaspa community members to learn more about the CMF and the marketing initiative and engage with Rhubarbarian. Attendees were encouraged to stop by to learn and participate in the conversation about the development of Kaspa and its growing demands for marketing.


Kaspa Community & Marketing Crowdfund

Tip: Rhubarbarian/@ChadBallantyne has been marketing and making creative content for Kaspa early on in the ecosystem. He’s the sole creator for the branding and Kaspa image.











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