Texas strong, family-owned, & committed to taking the “Bite” out of your morning routine.

Kaspa’s goal is adoption with a use-case of becoming a common currency — to see it get used daily for goods and services! To trade and HODL is not enough. So, in efforts to help with this vision, Kaspa has embarked on a few initiatives to bring Kaspa to mainstream, everyday use! As crypto’s first project to solve the Trilemma, this is the next obvious step in Kaspa’s pursuit of mass adoption. Merchants need a cryptocurrency that is fast, easy to use, has low fees, and rewards its miners!

On November 24, 2022, Brand 425 Coffee was the first merchant to accept Kaspa (KAS) as payment for their products.

Brand 425 Coffee

For the entire year of 2023, Brand 425 Coffee is offering a free “Texas Sized” 1 lb sample of their “Dark Texas Twist” as well as donating 10% of the order total to the Kaspa development fund on all orders (Commercial & Retail) that are over $25.00 and use Kaspa as the payment method.

Specializing in roasting coffee, Brand 425 Coffee uses a unique “low & slow” roasting method. Stretching out the roasting cycle just enough to allow the complete conversion of starches. This process leads to a sweeter cup of coffee and develops the deep & rich flavor profiles that they are known for. Brand 425 Coffee takes pride in roasting Texas’s richest and most developed flavor profiles. Imagine your morning coffee routine without the bitterness, and you will begin to understand what Brand 425 Coffee is all about.

Tip: Brand 425 Coffee also offers coffee accessories, mugs, and samplers on their website.









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