Adoption starts with you — and the merchants!

Kaspa’s goal and use-case is to become a widely used currency for everyday transactions of goods and services. To achieve this, the company has started several initiatives to make Kaspa more accessible to the general public. After first addressing the blockchain Trilemma, the next logical step is adoption, a planned natural progression for Kaspa. Merchants need a cryptocurrency that is fast, easy to use and has low fees for transactions.

Kaspa has set up a Store Directory and will add your store to their site with an approved application. In addition, Kaspa will link and push out social promotions for more exposure. If you are a merchant, please look into using Cryptocurrency Checkout and its numerous integrations made available for Kaspa transactions!

As a Kaspa Merchant, we will send you any digital assets (KASPA Accepted buttons), window stickers, point-of-sale tools, and some Kaspa for the first-to-adopt merchants to get your wallet started! Join our Discord to be ready for any announcement around this incentive.

To be listed, you need to prove that you accept Kaspa or sell Kaspa merch.

Since this is on a Kaspa site, we want to ensure the project’s reputation is not harmed or tainted.

We reserve the right not to list your product or service if, in any way, it could bring harm to anyone or taint the project.

If you want to accept Kaspa (KAS) as a currency. You can set up a Kaspa wallet or add Cryptocurrency Checkout to your site.

Tip: Kaspa has been known to be called the “Silver” of cryptocurrency. Due to silver’s relative abundance compared to gold, silver was used more frequently as a currency.










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