The community bans together to successfully integrate hardware wallet support.

A Hardware-Fought Victory

In the world of cryptocurrency, security is of utmost importance. One way to ensure the safety of your digital assets is by using a hardware wallet. However, hardware wallet support was not readily available for Kaspa, a secure, scalable, and decentralized blockchain platform. This prompted the community to band together and successfully drove for the integration of both OneKey and Tangem hardware wallets.

The Kaspa community is comprised of developers, miners, investors, and users who all share a common interest in the success and growth of the Kaspa blockchain platform. As the platform gains popularity and more people begin to invest in it, the need for hardware wallet support becomes increasingly important.


The Solution

One of the community’s main challenges was the need for support from prominent hardware wallet providers. However, the community did not let this deter them. Instead, they sought alternative solutions and eventually discovered OneKey and Tangem.

These two companies offered hardware wallets compatible with Kaspa, each with unique styles and features. Tangem is an NFC card created for simplicity and mobility. The other is OneKey, which offers a variety of products and options with open-source security.

The Mission and Initiative

However, there was a catch. To integrate the hardware wallets with Kaspa, a certain number of preorders needed to be met to secure funding for development. The community saw this as an opportunity to unite and make their voices heard.

Through social media campaigns and public outreach, the Kaspa community gathered enough preorders to meet the requirements set by OneKey and Tangem. This was a remarkable achievement and a testament to the dedication and passion of the Kaspa community.

The Success

The integration of hardware wallet support has been a considerable success for Kaspa. It has provided users with an additional layer of security for their digital assets, making it a more attractive option for investors and users alike. The community’s efforts have also helped establish a stronger relationship between Kaspa and both OneKey and Tangem, which bodes well for the platform’s future.

This success story of the Kaspa community banding together to get the hardware wallet support of both OneKey and Tangem is a brilliant example of the power of community-driven and governed initiatives. It shows that people can achieve great things when they come together with a shared goal. The Kaspa community’s dedication and hard work have paid off. They can now enjoy the benefits of a more secure and robust noncustodial wallet and a stronger network of users and platforms.

Tip: Ledger support is planned and on the way. OneKey and Tangem provided their own integration support thus faster turnaround.











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