We are excited to announce the opening of a pool to raise funds for the implementation of the DAGKnight protocol!

The pool address is: kaspa:ppk66xua7nmq8elv3eglfet0xxcfuks835xdgsm5jlymjhazyu6h5ac62l4ey

See here for the current balance.

What will it give Kaspa?
DAGKnight (DK) is a new consensus protocol that achieves responsiveness – a WORLD FIRST – it reacts to the actual network delay, unlike every other coin including our current GHOSTDAG protocol). Incredibly, it retains a 50%-byzantine tolerance, so it is faster and more secure than GHOSTDAG. In a nutshell, DAGKnight will make Kaspa:

1) require less confirmations to be provably secure;

2) intrinsically scale as internet speeds increase, basically as the internet gets faster over the next decades with more fiber optic cables etc, Kaspa will scale with this, without any hard fork interventions.

This will make our coin literally the Ultimate L1 PoW coin in existence.

Why 70M?
It is unreasonable to expect a senior software engineer\contributor to work a short-term horizon for the same compensation they would receive in a permanent position which would include benefits etc. Consider we are funding 2 of the most incredibly gifted and professional crypto minds of the current decade, already intimately versed and fluent with all of the intricate components of Kaspa – working nearly one-year full time, implementing the paramount version of the consensus protocol. Normally funding this from a VC would require millions of USD. Can you feel how extremely bullish it is that they are asking to be paid in $KAS, not $BTC, not $USDC!?

How much to donate?
The requested amount is ~0.5% of the total (current) supply. Unfortunately, not everyone will donate for many reasons, the most common would be that survival instinct we have all come to know of as greed 🙂 It’s counter-intuitive to get more by giving some away – just ask any squirrel who is out collecting nuts. But in the case of Kaspa, we are fortunate that the nuts don’t stay nuts – thanks to software, they can change. Imagine you have 50 regular cars. You have an opportunity to give one car away, which will make the 49 you have left turn into race cars! Now, who would say no to that!? You actually may be able to tell your grandchildren that “you helped bring the crypto standard to life that’s still in use today!”

We’d like to draw special attention to the fact that if we want to collect 0.5% of the current supply, each one of Kaspa holders should donate 0.5% of what they currently have, but since not everyone will donate, each donor is kindly asked to consider donating 1% to 2% of his possessions. For those who would prefer USDT donations we still have the following USDT addresses (all funds collected there are to be used to market buy Kaspa ASAP with the following transfer to the DK fund):
BEP-20 (BNB): 0x4235Af707A48C9c2911490D886C22BCf2aff1899
TRC-20 (Tron): TEXGfGoNKdGiSQT8ji2uZXLSeY5tuM91JE
Ethereum (Eth native, USDT, USDC and other tokens on ERC-20 network) and Matic (native and tokens) chains address: 0xeE21f574482213B14c21074a9f532041D8149fa3