[Some inspirational art showing the creative direction we’re heading]

We’re embarking on a creative project between Rhubarb and OKX to create avatar-type cartoon characters to be turned into NFTS for their campaign. Since not many are excited about NFTs and the entire crypto movement has all but destroyed the potential and good use of it, we’d create a wee barrier between Kaspa “official” and the campaign, by making this a strict Rhubarb project and not part of our CMF work.

Our idea is to create what we’re calling “The BlockDAG Gang!” We would turn each of you into Minecraft/Lego/Blockhead characters in various poses. a set of normal life characters, another set as medieval (DAG) Knights and another as space explorers. (Don’t worry, no “moon” mentions). The last is more about you all being pioneers into the great unknown!

These will look amazing, be fun and could even lead to other products like trading cards, stickers, etc. Maybe help raise funds for the CMF.

To complete this and future use cases, we need a few details from you.

Thanks for participating. We do plan to go ahead with this without the intel for now, but all contributing to this will make it cohesive and well, we’d love your blessing!