Yonatan Sompolinsky

DAGLabs was founded by Dr. Yonatan Sompolinsky with the purpose of implementing the GHOSTDAG protocol – invented by Yonatan with his then Ph.D. advisor professor Aviv Zohar.

Yonatan started gaining a reputation within the cryptocurrency academic circle back in 2013 when he and professor Zohar conceived the GHOST protocol, a protocol famous for being cited in the Ethereum whitepaper as a design goal.

Yonatan currently holds a post-doctoral position at Harvard researching transaction ordering protocols and MEV.


Those contributing immensely to the implementation and stabilization of the network, include:

Michael Sutton

Core Developer. Distributed Systems Researcher and Developer,
Michael got his M.Sc in computer science from the Hebrew University, where he researched parallel algorithms and distributed systems.

Shai Wyborski

Shai is a Kaspa researcher and one of the authors of the GHOSTDAG paper.
Shai is a Ph.D candidate in the Hebrew University and Ben-Gurion University where he researches classical and quantum cryptography.

Mike Zak

Core Developer. Cryptocurrency and Distributed Systems Developer

Elichai Turkel

Core Developer. Applied Cryptographer and High-Performance Developer

Ori Newman

Core Developer. Cryptocurrency and Distributed Systems Developer


Those who contribute daily to the communication, creative content and business development efforts are:

Chris Wolf


Business Development/Listings

Nathaniel Crowningshield

 BubbleGum Lightning

News/Medium Author, AMA’s, PR Managment

Chad Ballantyne

Marketing, Branding, PR Management, Web Development, Social Media, Creative Content

Avidan Abitbol

Marketing, Business Development/Listings
Rust Committee – Community Moderator. 


In addition to the core developers & Marketers, there are many other community developers, community marketers, and project volunteers who are actively contributing to the Kaspa ecosystem’s growth.  Kaspa is a 100% decentralized, community project.  Anyone that wants to participate can join the development team, marketing team, business development team and community. 

Anton Yemelyanov

Applied Blockchain Technologies Researcher, Advisor & Contributor


Mining and Wallet Improvements

Georges Künzli

Data Scientist and Developer. Ecosystem Development, Hosting, and Tester


Turkish Telegram Mod, Social Media, and Miner


Surinder Singh Matoo

Web Systems Architect and Developer, Wallet Framework


Ecosystem Infrastructure and DNS Developer. Technical Support. Community Moderator. Treasurer


Core Improvements and Ecosystem Tools Developer

Jason Dixon

Marketing, Content Creation, & Community Helper


Discord Mod, Community Helper, Social Media Mod


Community Developer

Navin Tiwary

Marketing, Web Development, Social Media, Infosphere Builder & Community Helper


Community Developer

Robert Matejko

API and Block Explorer Developer


Marketing & Business Development/Listings


Marketing, Infosphere Builder & Community Helper


Community Developer


Project Advisor & Business Development

The AllFather

The AllFather
Community Moderator, donator and rust committee.


Gavin Wood

Community Helper and Reddit Moderator


Chinese Community Developer


Network Security (mining)

Brandon Smith

Community Developer, Stratum Developer and Mining Pool Developer


Community Helper, Marketing, Partnership Scout


Articles & News

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Manual donations dev-fund-address: kaspa:precqv0krj3r6uyyfa36ga7s0u9jct0v4wg8ctsfde2gkrsgwgw8jgxfzfc98

Mining dev-fund-address: kaspa:pzhh76qc82wzduvsrd9xh4zde9qhp0xc8rl7qu2mvl2e42uvdqt75zrcgpm00

The wallet is managed by 4 members of the community (msutton, Tim, The SheepCat and demisrael) who were publicly voted in to become the Treasurers.

This is a multi-signature wallet with a 2/4 signing formula, so it needs at least 2 of the Treasurers to sign the spending transaction for it to become commutable. All spendings are published in the #devfund channel and is performed according to the results of public votes in either #funding-pools or #votes channels
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