Thanks to all who contributed!  Although we have met our goal, the CMF is an ongoing need, so please continue to contribute as you can!


Thank you for your unwavering support and your dedication to Kaspa’s adoption!


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by Chad Ballantyne of Rhubarb Media (AKA Rhubarbarian)

It’s been quite the journey since we first started marketing Kaspa! Initially, our efforts began with the rebranding, a new website, and establishing our social channels. Back then, KAS was valued at .0002. By March/April of 2023, we launched the first official Community Marketing Fund for Kaspa, and the KAS value rose to .013. Now, just 6-7 months later, we’ve seen it climb to .05. Also, our follower count skyrocketed by x100!

Throughout this period, we’ve been hard at work. We’ve produced over 500 posts for our social media channels, created 40+ videos for YouTube, and developed countless designs for community members, merchants and Ambassadors. We’ve successfully onboarded more than 30 Merchants ( worldwide and 4 regional Ambassadors. We just released Kaspa Pitch Decks ( … sp=sharing) for teaching at meetups and other educational events.  These are being translated into multiple languages.  Most recently, see Shai’s custom deck ( for his presentation in Hong Kong

This Fall and early 2024, we’re in the process of bringing on 6-8 Ambassadors from countries including Nigeria, Uganda, Canada, the USA, Korea, Austria, Turkey, and Australia. A new page on the site will begin to profile these amazing Kaspains!

With the support of Bubblegum Lightning and Wolfie, our small but mighty Marketing Team (or, as our channel name states, “People with medium-sized brains”), we’ve helped integrate numerous new apps, exchanges, pools, and other strategic affiliations.  This also includes over 20 other social/channel mods, techs, and app and site developers who are contributing to the marketing efforts and use our services weekly.

We won’t go into too much detail about our work, as you can read all the reports here – viewforum.php?f=26

The ASK:
The initial CMF was to be for 3 months. Due to the increasing value and our decision to alter the terms and take the equivalent of finding in USD, we’ve been able to stretch the funds to 7 months!! This includes organizing and supporting key events with merch, creative design, and marketing tools.

Now, we hope to replenish the CMF to continue our marketing momentum into 2024 to increase marketing efforts and onboard more ambassadors and merchants. Please revisit our original proposal here: viewtopic.php?t=28

Our focus for Fall and 2024 is on EQUIPPING and Outreach. We aim to provide Ambassadors with the necessary resources to form their teams. We’re already seeing such developments in Nigeria, where new Ambassadors are emerging under the leadership of Balor. We expect the same efforts in terms of hours. Still, additional funds will be necessary for Ambassador Launches and to support participation in major 2024 events.

Here’s the breakdown:

* Funds Requested: We’re asking for 80,000 KAS/month (equivalent to $4000 USD/month) for the next three months. After this period, we’ll revisit for a New Year Budget review. Should the value of Kaspa increase, we pledge to only spend the USD equivalent, thus extending the funds over more months.

* Budget Allocation: 50% of the funds will be dedicated to our content creation, communications, Ambassador/Merchant support, and resource creation. The remaining 50% will cover Ambassador launches, Merchant support, article research/writing, and other associated costs. As stated, none of these funds will be used for paid advertising or non-Kaspa efforts. While some additional funds might be required for releases or infrastructure costs (like web hosting), most of the budget will be directed toward the daily efforts of Kaspa’s organic growth.

Total Budget: We’re looking at a total of 240,000 KAS. If the Kaspa value goes up, we will rationally adjust our spending.

Donations: If you wish to see this work continue, please send your contributions to the new wallet (to allow for campaign fundraising visualizer) address:


Thank you for your unwavering support and your dedication to Kaspa’s adoption!