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- Korea has participated in the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7(Software Engineering Standardization) since the 4th plenary meeting in 1991, Sweden. Dr. Kyung-Whan Lee(Professor of Chung-Ang University)has led the korean SC7/WG10.
- In fall of 1988, the Korean SC7/WG10 established a local Trials Center named Korea SPICE to promote SPICE assessments in Korea.
- The first two SPICE assessments of the korea SPICE(KSPICE)have been conducted in 1998.
- KSPICE is board member of IntRSA and plan to join with iNTACS.
- In 2000, the KSPICE established KAPA(Korea Association of Process Assessment)with following mission.
• To promote process assessments and improvements.
• To promote mutual friendships and common interests.
• To share process knowledge.
• To participate in the development of ISO/IEC 15504 international standard.

- KAPA has extensive experience with process improvement programs and projects of this type for industry that develop services, software, or systems.
- KAPA staff has long-term experience within various industries such as software, embedded systems, IT, and telecom Some other facts we consider important for your purchasing decision are:
• KAPA employees are well know ISO/IEC 15504 & SPICE experts, Principal Assessors and lnstructors, e.g., performed more than 70 SPICE assessments, trained very successfully more than 700 assessors(56 of lead assessors)from companies such as SamSung, LG, ETRI, KT and others. A. Number of SPICE Assessment and Consulting Services
• All of assessors should have completed the 40-hour course and passed a written examination
• KAPA performs public and in-house training/conference concerning, SPICE, and system process improvement
- In 2002, the documentation of SPICE Assessments in Korea was printed for distribution to the international delegates participating in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC7 meeting in Busan, Korea during May 13~17, 2002.
- In 2007, KAPA organized SPICE 2007 conference with SPICE User Group.
- In 2008, the report of Process Assessment and Analysis for the 75 Assessments for IT companies in Korea.
- In 2008, KAPA established Eetwo OPS for research and consulting with supporting of other IT companies.